Cover for entire boat with Hard Top

he boat has pretty much been in fresh water all its life under covered Moorage. Im looking to move the boat closer to home and the best solution I found was dry docking it rather than keeping it in salt yearround. Indoor storage marina’s are quoting me $350-400+ per month. I dont have a trailer so I can’t pull it somewhere that has alternative cheaper indoor storage. Since it will no longer be under cover, I wanted to protect it from the environmental exposure as much as possible.

I was thinking of some sort of cover that will cover the entire boat. I have most of the canvas that covers the cockpit area. Im Missing the port side window canvas. But I was thinking why not cover the whole boat during the winter months.

Was just wondering if anyone has ever seen one of these for Grady white boats or a different solution. If it has to be custom made, I probably wont do it due to high costs and I’ll just throw a tarp over the boat but it would be nice to have something fit snugly on the boat.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Author: aruna

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